Five Ways to use our Throw Rugs

Five Ways to use our Throw Rugs

Our boho beach rugs were designed with the beautiful Australian coasts in mind, from the protected coral reefs to the famous oceans and beaches. We wanted to inspire adventure in the outdoors and help our customers reclaim nature’s wonders. Since we started designing and creating our unique rugs, we have since evolved in our mission and extended this to beyond Australia. We recognised, however, that not every country has the same wonderful weather and beaches as we do, so our throws are designed to be completely versatile for use in both the outdoors and indoors. Here are just a few examples of how our rugs can be used: 1. Be..
September 20, 2023 — Joshua Stewart
Matching Picnic Rugs for You and Your BFF. Combine these picnic rugs in the comfort of your lounge room, or match with friends for those great adventure pictures

Matching Picnic Rugs for You and Your BFF

Whether you’re going for a sunset hike with friends, having a picnic with family, or relaxing at the beach with your partner, our beach rugs at The Sunday Coast will turn any experience into one to remember. Our eco-friendly, 100% recycled cotton rugs are designed with you in mind, meaning all your adventures can be documented on Instagram in the most aesthetically pleasing way. However, choosing the rugs that complement each other the most can prove to be difficult, especially with so many different designs, colours, and shades to choose from. So, we have taken some of our most popular throw rugs and done the hard work for you. 

September 07, 2023 — Joshua Stewart
Living life on a Yacht with Lil & Haydo

Living life on a Yacht with Lil & Haydo

What do you love about The Sunday Coast Rugs? How do they compliment your lifestyle?

Lily: So, a golden rule many live-aboard yachties have is "everything needs to have at least 2 purposes", because we're generally space limited. 

So, we use our Sunday Coast rugs for just about everything - we use them as picnic rugs, bedding blankets, casual chilling blankets or as throw overs when it's chilly. And, because they're super lightweight, we can take them anywhere...

January 01, 2022 — Joshua Stewart