Our Story

Revive. Explore. Unleash.
Our mission: Inspire the world to reclaim nature's wonders. Break free, discover joy, and forge an unbreakable bond with the great outdoors. Join us on this transformative journey with limitless possibilities.

The Sunday Coast

We are the adventure makers, the beach dazers, the moon gazers, the slow paced, picnic loving, deep-thought conversational cravers. We are the ones who love to jump in the car & escape the cramped city life at any chance. And thus The Sunday Coast was formed. Welcome to The Sunday Coast, where our mission is to create functional & beautiful products to accompany any adventure. Our throw rugs are the perfect multi purpose product to keep you comfortable outdoors in the sunshine as well as cosy in the evenings while cuddled up around a campfire.

We hope to start a movement that celebrates the everyday adventurer; and in turn, encourages everyone to get outside and engage with the beautiful world in which we live. 

How We Give Back

As avid nature lovers, it's essential to us here at The Sunday Coast that we support the conservation and restoration of our planet. Because of this, we’ve teamed up with Eden Projects to further the reforestation work they are doing in developing countries around the world.
See our progress here.

A large percentage of the trees we plant with Eden Projects are mangrove species. At a local level, rehabilitating natural mangrove ecosystems is imperative as their root systems help limit further coastal erosion from severe weather events in many tropical countries already impacted by poverty, unsustainable development and tourism. Mangrove ecosystems also serve as breeding grounds & safe habitats for many birds, fish & crustaceans.  Globally, mangroves are also extremely useful in slowing down the rate of climate change thanks to their naturally high carbon absorption rate. We are excited to support the great work that Eden Projects are doing in caring for our planet. If you’re curious to learn more, check them out here.

Behind the Scenes

We are a group of environmentally conscious individuals, living a sustainable lifestyle on Biripi Country in the greater Port Macquarie Region, New South Wales. Our products are designed in house by one of our founders & graphic designer @joshin_around_ 

Our future business goals are to be a part of, and support others who are helping reduce the effects we collectively have on our climate & natural environments. We have currently teamed up with Hero Packaging to use 100% zero waste packaging that is totally compostable as another way of reducing our carbon footprint. 

We live to adventure, just like you!

Endless Summers

Is what we are constantly chasing!