Our Commitment

Giving back to our planet

Restoring Forests & Ecosystems

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the EDEN Reforestation Projects, an organisation dedicated to restoring and preserving our planet's precious forests. This collaboration stems from our shared vision of creating a sustainable and green future for generations to come. By teaming up with EDEN, we are pooling our resources, expertise, and passion to combat deforestation, promote biodiversity, and mitigate climate change. EDEN's proven track record of successful reforestation initiatives, community involvement, and commitment to long-term ecological restoration align perfectly with our values.

Together, we aim to make a significant impact by restoring degraded ecosystems, empowering local communities, and fostering a healthier, more resilient planet. By joining forces, we believe we can achieve far greater results than either of us could alone, and we are excited to embark on this journey together.

Supporting People

Our Suppliers

We actively pursued suppliers who have passed all their BSCI assessments, who wholeheartedly embrace the mission of creating a secure, safe, positive, and healthy working environment for their employees. Our collaboration with these suppliers has flourished for over 2 years, nurturing a partnership founded on open and welcoming communication that we are confident will thrive for many years to come.

Small Communities

Through our collaboration with
Eden Projects, we empower local communities to embark on a transformative journey of restoring forests on an extraordinary level. This endeavor not only generates employment opportunities but also safeguards precious ecosystems, while making significant strides towards combatting the urgent challenges posed by climate change.

Inspiring Wellbeing

Our goal: inspire people to prioritise their mental well-being by connecting with nature's transformative power. Nature has an extraordinary power to rejuvenate, calm, and uplift our spirits. Disconnecting from chaos, & to reconnect with our planet. Experience the healing and find boundless inspiration in the great outdoors. Unlock your potential and nurture your mental well-being through the calmness of nature.


100% Compostable

Zero Plastic Packaging

Hero Packaging offers a revolutionary alternative to
traditional plastic packaging creating products that are entirely free of plastic and are 100% compostable.
This partnership aligns perfectly with our commitment to environmental responsibility and reducing our ecological footprint. By utilizing Hero Packaging, we can enhance our packaging practices and provide our customers with an eco-friendly option that not only protects their products but also contributes to a healthier planet.

Conscious Choices

100% Recycled Cotton

Recycled cotton offers a sustainable future, reducing the environmental impact of fashion. It conserves resources like water, energy, and land, requiring less than virgin cotton. It also cuts the need for harmful pesticides and fertilisers in cotton farming. Moreover, recycling cotton reduces waste and landfill congestion, promoting a circular economy. By embracing recycled cotton, we support a more ethical and responsible approach to fashion, paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future.