Matching Picnic Rugs for You and Your BFF

Whether you’re going for a sunset hike with friends, having a picnic with family, or relaxing at the beach with your partner, our beach rugs at The Sunday Coast will turn any experience into one to remember. Our eco-friendly, 100% cotton rugs are designed with you in mind, meaning all your adventures can be documented on Instagram in the most aesthetically pleasing way.

However, choosing the rugs that complement each other the most can prove to be difficult, especially with so many different designs, colours, and shades to choose from. So, we have taken some of our most popular throw rugs and done the hard work for you.

The Thora Rug & The Cocos Islands Rug

Are you seeking a harmonious blend of tranquility and elegance in your surroundings? Look no further than our exquisite Thora Rug and captivating Cocos Islands Rug. Crafted from 100% recycled cotton, these rugs boast a delightful fusion of vintage-inspired floral hues and refreshing coastal blues, creating a serene ambiance that transcends both indoor and outdoor spaces. The warm earthy tones of the Thora Rug, adorned with a charming palette of browns, yellows, pinks, and hints of green, perfectly complement the cool, soothing ocean tones of the Cocos Islands Rug.

Whether you're lounging under the sun at the beach or adding a touch of botanical charm to your home decor, these versatile throw rugs effortlessly elevate any setting with their unique style. Share your enchanting rug moments with us by tagging us on Instagram—we can't wait to see how you bring these magical rugs to life in your space!

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Isle of Pines Rug & Cocos Islands Rug

Take the ocean with you everywhere you go with our Isle of Pines Rug and the Cocos Islands Rug. The various blue tones of both of these beach rugs will give you that summer day fun at the beach vibe whether you’re having a picnic with friends, or a movie day with your loved ones. Combine these picnic rugs in the comfort of your lounge room, or match with friends for those great adventure pictures. Either way, we want to see your experiences in full colour through our Instagram account.

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The Calypso Rug & The Ningaloo Rug

Looking for balance and serenity in your activities and home? Our 100% recycled cotton Calypso rug and eye-catching Ningaloo rug are the perfect match. The mix of calm creams, pinks, and gold with the deep ocean blues, teal and aquas creates a calming atmosphere ideal for those relaxing moments both indoors and outdoors. The versatility of these picnic rugs means you can take them to the beach to enjoy the sun or place them around your home to bring a unique style to your interior. Let us know how you use these magical throw rugs by tagging us in your pictures on Instagram.

Find our Calypso Rug & Ningaloo Rug here

The Byron Rug & The Tallows Rug

Both these beautiful rugs were designed with Byron Bay in mind, so it’s no surprise that the colours blend beautifully together. The golden tones of the Byron Rug mixed with the vibrant blues of the Tallows Rug create the perfect coastal feel, so whether you’re sitting by the campfire, or having a family picnic, you can take the beach with you wherever you go. Purchase both as a present or keep one for yourself and gift the other to your best friend. Either way, make sure you document your journey and tag us on Instagram to be featured.

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Our boutique beach rugs are the perfect gift for all loved ones, whether they love adventuring outdoors or prefer the comfort of home. With currently twelve boho designs and growing, you can easily mix and match our throws so you will always be connected with your friends and family. Here, we have given just three examples of how our products can be paired together, but we want to see how you mix and match our picnic rugs, beach bags and cushions to create unique home settings and experiences. Just tag us on Instagram to be featured @thesundaycoast_